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L’Éclair was founded by Matthieu Croiger and João Henriques, two young Portuguese descendants who had the idea of introducing in Lisbon an original offer of the finest French patisserie. 

Coming from Paris, where they were then working, Matthieu and João moved for good to the Portuguese capital in order to present exclusively eclairs, both sweet and savoury, which they intended to produce with the utmost creativity and breath-taking flavours. 

The French word “éclair” means “a flash”, “a brief instant of intense light”, so the experience of having eclairs, for Matthieu and João, had to live up to that sense: an ephemeral, but exuberant and dazzling experience. 

With this idea in mind, they finally found the magnificent site of their first shop, in Avenidas Novas, which was inaugurated in April 2014.

The subsequent success of the L’Éclair shop demonstrated the quality, charm and sophistication that Matthieu and João had always wanted to display, and their idea progressed naturally, with the introduction of a more diverse offer and with the opening of a new shop. 

At the invitation of Time Out, L’Éclair opened its second space, at the Mercado da Ribeira, in May 2016. 

In the same year, L’Éclair participated and became a finalist in the talent show Best Bakery, broadcast by SIC. 

In order to meet the demand and maintain the quality of its products, L’Éclair acquired new production facilities by the Sete Rios area in mid-2017.


Matthieu Croiger holds a degree in Hospitality and Catering with a specialization in Management and Marketing. He has a long professional experience working in several five-star hotels, including the management of Sofitel, in Portugal.

João Henriques was taught bakery at the École Grégoire-Ferrandi in Paris. His professional career includes having been the pastry chef in several restaurants and also having worked in Fleur de Mets, one of the finest French catering companies.